project team


Roger Venables

Aviation Systems Director

Joe Hammond

Assistant Director - Spinks Airport

Clinton Tuggle

Airport Operations Supervisor - Spinks Airport

Consultant Project Team 

Michael Mallonee

Project Director

Michael Mitchell, CM

Project Manager

Peter Van Pelt, AAE

Senior Project Advisor - QA/QC

Logan Hutto, CM

Aviation Planner

Trevor Self, PE

Engineering Lead

Project Team

 The Airport Master Plan Project team is led by KSA (Consultant) in partnership with the Fort Worth Spinks Airport and funded by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

KSA believes in planning with a purpose and every airport planning exercise begins with an opportunity. An opportunity for a collective group to leave their fingerprint on the legacy of the airport and its respective community. KSA realizes that each opportunity is unique and every airport is different. Every airport master plan requires a different set of parameters while still being prepared in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans. Our team has great experience with airport master plan projects and we bring fresh opportunities to every Airport.

With Support from:

Bringing over four decades of experience in the aviation industry, Pavlik and Associates understands airports’ growing opportunities and challenges—from serving increasingly connected passengers to leveraging big data to optimize business plans.  We specialize in planning projects and enjoy supporting initiatives like the FWS Master Plan 2023.  Our ultimate goal in every community engagement endeavor we spearhead is ensuring the outcomes and plans to which we contribute accurately reflect the vision, needs, and wants of all stakeholders and the community at large.